Welcome to K9 Mania Dog Training! Are you the proud parent of a new puppy? Then we are delighted to present to you our Foundation Puppy Training Program!  

Training from an early age is key for consistent, obedient, and easy-to-handle dogs! 

Experience our exclusive, in-home puppy training that centers on positive reinforcement in helping you and your puppy reach its full potential. We aim for you and your puppy to start communicating with each other and have an undeniably strong, loving, and unwavering bond from the start. 

We will expose your puppy to a training program within a controlled setting and with real-life experiences. Starting it strong with the training and with consistent practice will help your dog consistently display good behavior anytime and anywhere. 

Your will learn how to address these behavior and more

Week 1 – Building a Foundation

Week 2 – Establishing Trust

Week 3- Controlling Impulse

Week 4 – Creating a Safe Environment

Week 5 – Developing Consistency

Week 6 – Bonding with your Best Friend

Each session will take one hour each week, which will take place in your home.

Every member of the household is encouraged to take part in the training as much as possible. Daily homework will be given to help practice consistency. Training will be conducted as scheduled but puppies can get tired easily. In these scenarios, we can explain the training but might not be able to demonstrate the training on the same day.

The curriculum above is one from our previous training, but we can personalize the training for your puppy according to its needs. It’ll take up to 6 weeks or more to cover all the topics depending on your puppy and the time you allot for the training. This dog training covers basic puppy behavioral modification. Other concerns will be needing more sessions.

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