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In Home Dog Training Long Island

When we say any dog, any problem, we mean it. We specialize in being able to rehabilitate the most challenging dog behavior problems, as well as setting the foundation for success and preventing problem behaviors that most families struggle with.

Best In home dog training in Long island

In this program we address all forms of unwanted or unsafe problem behavior, including, but not limited to:

  • Human Aggression
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Territorial Behaviors
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Food and/or Resource Guarding
  • Anxiety / Separation Anxiety
  • Fear Based Behaviors
  • Obedience Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Off Leash Obedience

The first step to a well-behaved dog is by scheduling a phone consultation with us. The call is comprised of a consultation with you and an assessment of your dog.

During in home evaluation, we will personally meet you and your dog to conduct a detailed interview about your dog's history and behavior. In addition, we will assess your dog's behavior and clarify your training goals to achieve optimum results.

Most owners will notice some positive results after their first training session! We will design a customized rehabilitation training plan to efficiently and effectively train and/or modify behavior problems.

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K9 Mania Dog Training’s mission and promise to you is that we will provide the best and most progressive balanced dog training, with the highest quality service.

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K9 Mania Dog Training is a balanced dog training company Together, with our team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists…

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