Private Dog Training Long Island

Our Five-Week Private Dog Training Program

In this program, we address all forms of unwanted or unsafe problem behavior, including, but not limited to:

How Our Private Dog Training Program Works

Your path to a well-behaved dog starts with a consultation call, allowing us to understand your needs and assess your dog.

1. Initial Phone Consultation

Your journey to a well-behaved dog starts here. During this call, we want to fully understand your needs and assess your dog’s behavior so we can tailor a training program specifically for your pet.

After the Phone Consultation:
Once we have a clear idea of how to best help your dog, we’ll guide you through the next steps to prepare you and your dog for the training process. This might include filling out the necessary paperwork and viewing preliminary training videos,

2. Contract Sign Up

This step is where you officially commit to your dog’s transformation. The contract will discuss everything you can expect with our In-Home Dog Training Program, from online courses to In-Facility Training. It also outlines the terms of our agreement, ensuring that both parties are protected during the training program.

After Signing the Contract:

After you’ve signed the contract, you can expect the following:

  • Online course to deepen your understanding: You will receive access to our exclusive online course tailored to our clients. This will provide background on basic training methods and offer insight into dog behavior.
  • One-on-One Training: We then schedule an in-person session for yourself and your dog. One-on-one training sessions are personalized to your dog’s needs and are aimed at meeting the specific goals you’ve outlined during our phone consultation.

Private Dog Training Program

Below, you will find an overview of each week’s focus. Program Breakdown;

Week 1: Basic Training Techniques

  • Food Handling
  • Leash handling techniques
  • Food luring
  • Verbal marker techniques
  • Basic commands: ‘Place,’ ‘Down,’ ‘Recall.’

Week 2: Enhancing Manners and Leash Training

  • Incorporation of corrections/leash pressure
  • Developing door manners
  • Loose leash walking drills
  • L Turns and 180 turns
  • Building distance and duration

Week 3: Dog Equipment Training and Identifying Working Levels

  • Understanding human and dog working levels
  • Training with a longer leash in a low-distraction environment
  • Learning to handle the training equipment effectively

Week 4: Advanced Training and Distraction Control

  • Increasing distraction levels during training

Week 5: Correcting Problem Behaviors

  • Giving corrections and what level to use
  • Removing problem behaviors (self-reinforcing)
  • Jumping on guests

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Why Choose K9 Mania For Private Dog Training in Long Island

Choosing the right training option for your canine companion is essential for their happiness, well-being, and peace of mind. At K9 Mania Dog Training, our top priority is to create a positive and effective learning environment right in your home. Here are four reasons why you should consider our services:

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1. Personalized Training Programs

Every dog is unique, with its own personality and learning style. Our trainers work closely with you and your pet to develop a customized training program that caters to your dog's specific needs and behavior issues

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2. Convenience and Flexibility

Ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility, we offer online courses and comprehensive in-facility training. Our online courses, accessible anytime, anywhere, allow you to train your dog at your pace, providing expert advice and tips. Conversely, our in-facility training offers hands-on guidance in our purpose-built center, with scheduled times that work for you, allowing you to apply everything you’ve learned from our online courses in real-life scenarios. This environment enables optimal learning and interaction for your dog with other dogs and trainers. Whether it's the self-paced online learning or the structured routine of in-person training, our services cater to your dog's unique needs for a well-rounded training experience.

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3. Experienced, Certified Dog Trainers

All our training staff are professional, certified dog trainers with extensive experience in multiple training methods. They're patient, understanding, and committed to the well-being of your dog.

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4. Consistent Follow-Up and Support

Our support doesn't end once the training session is over. We offer ongoing advice, progress updates, and follow-up sessions to ensure your dog's training is effective and long-lasting. Choosing K9 Mania Dog Training is choosing a committed, experienced team for your dog's training needs. We're passionate about helping you and your dog build a happy, harmonious relationship.

Are you ready to transform your dog and your life?

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K9 Mania Dog Training is a balanced dog training company Together, with our team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists…

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