K9 Mania Dog Trainers & Facility Staff

Our mission is to provide exceptional and progressive balanced dog training, with the highest quality service. The goal is to allow our clients to have a better experience by unleashing their dog’s true potential and guiding dog owners.

The process includes helping dog owners understand, communicate, work with their dogs, resolve training challenges and behavior problems in a real world setting.

We have a team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan areas with the passion of helping dog owners achieve a happy and harmonious relationship with their dogs.

From the simplest to most severe behavioral problems, K9 Mania dog training will consistently deliver results that are proven to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We work with all breeds, any dog, and any problem. If you are ready to transform your dog and your life, we are ready to help!

Elliot GRFX

Elliot Rosenberg

Owner/ Head Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Born in Long Island, Elliot Rosenberg is a Certified Master Trainer and Behaviorist who joins positive reinforcement with balanced training methods to instill trust and respect in the dogs he trains.

For over 10 years he has rehabilitated and trained hundreds of happy dogs to compete professionally in obedience, tracking, herding, agility, and protection sport. Fostering a lifelong love for learning how dogs communicate, he coaches dog trainers and pet parents on basic and advanced obedience, search and rescue, and behavior modification.

Previously Elliot spent 7 years in Costa Rica training high-drive (working) dogs in a variety of dog sports. But his passion remains with owners who are desperate for help. Highly skilled in the diagnosis of behavior issues in dogs with aggression, fear, and separation anxiety, Elliot puts together specialized individual programs to tackle each problem.

Elliot holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Queens College. His best pet memories are of his Dutch Shepherds, Momba and Sergeant, whom he trained in elite search and rescue, and his German Shepherd, Troy Hartis, who he competed with internationally in Schutzhund and IPO/IGP dog sport.


Valeria Vallejo

Business Development Manager

Valeria is the dynamic Business Development Manager at K9 Mania Dog Training in Deer Park, Long Island. Known for her formidable leadership skills, Valeria is instrumental in upholding the highest quality of service and care for all aspects of the facility – from the dogs and their owners to the trainers, kennel staff, and the training facility itself.

In her role as a Business Development Manager, Valeria works on identifying growth opportunities, forging strong relationships with clients and partners, and driving the strategic expansion of K9 Mania’s market presence. Her previous roles in human resources, customer service, sales, and as the former Facility Manager have given her a well-rounded perspective, enabling her to excel in the responsibilities of business development.

As a leader, Valeria is responsible for ensuring that all operations at the facility run smoothly. Every day, she strives to maintain diligence, responsible workload delegation, effective communication, and implement the company’s plans according to K9 Mania’s operational standards.

Valeria has a valuable combination of patience, efficiency, thoughtfulness, and years of experience working under pressure that helps her help the company reach its goals, making sure all dog training exercises go smoothly and that the canines at the facility are healthy, happy, and safe.

As a result, dog trainers and kennel techs can focus on their respective tasks without worry, dogs get the attention they need to learn, and fur parents can rest assured that they can come home to well-behaved dogs at the end of their training period.

¨As a leader, actions speak louder than words. A good leader has to embody the values of the business and hold people accountable to the highest standards. A great leader leads by example.¨

Jake GRFX 1

Jake Muller

Head Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Jake Muller is a Certified Dog Trainer from Oceanside, whose family has been raising award-winning show dogs all his life. Surrounded by these skilled trainers, understanding dogs became second nature, which is why he has spent the last 5 years working with dogs to help improve their behavior and help them live happier lives.

Working at K9 Mania Dog Training, Jake has touched the lives of so many fur parents by helping them with their dog’s behavioral issues. Thanks to his presence at our dog training facility in Deer Park, Long Island, he helps transform even more lives along with everyone else on the staff.

One of the recent families he’s helped is a German Sheperd Collie mix named Solo that struggled with crippling anxiety. Before meeting him, Solo used to refuse to leave the house and would bite his owners without warning. His owners were struggling to administer medication to calm him down and were even considering putting him to sleep. But after 3 weeks of training with Jake and the K9 Mania Dog Training family, Solo is now almost completely off his medication and is even willing to go on adventures with his family.

“I believe the most difficult behavior I’ve helped work with are fear and anxiety. There are dogs whose fears are so crippling that anything out of their comfort zone completely shuts them down. For some dogs, moving away from that kind of fear can be a very long process, while other dogs can overcome fear more quickly with the right support. You can never know how long this process can take. My advice to everyone dealing with that kind of crippling fear is just to be patient.” — Jake’s advice for working with fearful and anxious dogs.

To Jake, the most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is changing the lives of dogs AND their owners. Seeing the owners go from miserable to living the happiest life possible with their dog makes all the work absolutely worth it.

His approach to teaching is supportive, practical, and friendly and has earned the trust of many fur parents. Jake is a balanced dog trainer and uses all training methods at his disposal to achieve the best result. He believes that every dog is different and that every training style is unique to every dog.

Training is a complicated process, and it can be frustrating for dog owners when the usual methods don’t work. Jake’s advice for dog owners is to simply ask for help, get educated, and exercise patience. By seeing and learning other training methods, dog owners can find out what training style suits their dog the most.

Jake loves boxers, partly due to his admiration and respect for his grandmother’s work with them in dog shows. He considers them an extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal breed.

Jayden GRFX 1

Jayden Rowe

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Jayden Rowe has spent a good chunk of his life transforming the lives of dogs the way they have transformed his, making him passionate about helping dogs and their owners build happy and healthy relationships.

With 4 years of experience (and counting!) working at doggy daycare and boarding facilities, Jayden knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to nurturing the well-being of dogs and bringing out their fullest potential, from basic obedience to behavioral modification and everything in between.

He has plenty of experience in caring for dogs, knowing what to look out for, and how to properly handle different situations so every dog’s needs are met.

Jayden likes to use balanced dog training techniques. With consistency and persistence, Jayden believes no dog is impossible to train.

For Jayden, the most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is witnessing their progress and transformation from start to finish. There’s nothing quite like being with them every step of the way!

“I love all the different personalities dogs have and the bond you can create with them. They have so much love they can express for everyone.” —- Jayden, on what he loves about working with dogs

One of the things that Jayden likes to do when handling dogs is to stay calm and composed. This, combined with a slow and steady approach, helps put dogs at ease and gives them a chance to get used to his presence at their own pace. Once he builds that initial level of trust, he then uses treats and pets to help make them feel loved.

He’s absolutely smitten by the charm and personality of pitbulls. He finds their big personalities and funny energy endearing.

Olivia GRFX 2

Olivia Pfeiffer

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Olivia Pfeiffer has been working with dogs for a long time and has proven to be an incredible Dog Trainer for K9 Mania Dog Training. Her presence at our dog training facility in Deer Park, Long Island, has been amazingly helpful in keeping the dogs happy and healthy.

Olivia’s ability to work with dogs stems from her passion for helping dogs. She puts 110% of her effort when interacting with dogs and caring for their well-being. She also pays close attention to effective dog training and handling techniques used in K9 Mania and regularly applies them to her day-to-day interactions with the dogs.

As a Dog Trainer, she believes in the importance of consistency when dealing with dogs. By exercising love and discipline equally, dogs can find it easier to learn and stick to newly taught behaviors.

Having started out as a Kennel Technician, Olivia has plenty of useful tricks up her sleeve to help the team train dogs more effectively. One of the things she does is to help the dogs relax by giving them time and space and exercising patience. By gradually building a relationship with them, she’s able to earn their trust and make the dogs feel more at ease in their new environment.

What Olivia loves the most about working with dogs is the satisfaction that comes from helping an untrained dog develop into a happy, confident, and well-mannered canine. It takes a lot of time and effort, and being able to take part in a dog’s growth gives her a strong sense of fulfillment.

Olivia has two dogs and likes wheaten terriers because of their loving and intelligent nature.

Erika GRFX

Erika Kohutka

Dog Trainer

Erika Kohutka is an accomplished dog trainer with four (4) years of experience with a decade-long well-rounded career in the dog industry. Having been surrounded by dogs since her youth, her passion for dogs is unparalleled, and she gives special attention to the dog’s well-being, safety, and body language making sure the clients’ pets are getting the best care.

Erika’s interest in dog training began at a young age and her desire to know more has since grown. Since then, she dipped her toes in almost every dog service and taken a liking to training, figuring out ways to communicate with them.

Erika has worn many hats in the dog industry, with experience ranging from pet retails, grooming salons, boarding, and daycare facilities as well as years’ worth of professional dog walking and training experience. Despite her impressive background, Erika is dedicated to continued growth and still learns as she goes.

Mainly training with positive reinforcement, Erika learned that no two dogs are alike and not every dog benefits from this training style. This has only enabled her to grow, learn, and balance out other training styles to suit the needs of the client.

She has helped dogs overcome fear aggression, leash reactivity, and bad social behavior through training, confidence boosts, and other methods. Erika does not only believe in training dogs, but also in teaching owners. She teaches them how to deal with fear aggression and lack of command repetitions – mistakes she commonly sees among dog owners.

Consistency, repetition, commitment, and a healthy amount of treats are recipes to progress in dog training, according to Erika. By exercising patience and the right mindset, having a happy and well-trained dog can be achieved.

Seeing the dog owners reap the benefits of the training and beaming with joy with their happy trained dog is what Erika considers to be the most rewarding part of her work.

Erika is also a huge animal lover and has her eyes specifically on dogs and fish. Dobermans, Italian Greyhounds, and Mini Schnauzers are among Erika’s favorite breeds of dogs. She is a proud owner of a sassy and long-haired Chiweenie and a German Shepherd who never says no to fetch.

Kerri GRFX

Kerri Anne McHugh

Dog Trainer

With six (6) years of experience working with and training dogs, Kerri has a natural talent for training dogs and an endless supply of love for them.

She began her career in dog training in high school and continued her passion for the industry since. Her experience working with dogs started with dog grooming until her interest grew, leading her to explore dog training.

Having received extensive and hands-on training during her 4-year Canine Training and Management program in college, she’s developed an impressive skill set for training dogs.


Kerri’s training style is flexible and focuses on making the dogs happy, making her the go-to person for dogs with behavioral issues such as food aggression. 


Her secret to success? Consistency and communication.


She emphasizes the need to practice commands regularly as opposed to doing them only once—a common mistake most dog owners make. 


To help owners with this, Kerri works with them and breaks down training concepts into easily manageable steps, making sure that they understand how to properly and confidently handle their dogs. 


At the end of the day, Kerri’s true fulfillment and joy come from seeing the happiness and satisfaction on dog owners’ faces when they can come home to a happy and well-trained dog. 

As a proud dog lover, Kerri loves Corgis for their small legs and large ears. She’s also a devoted owner of an 8-year-old Goldendoodle who she describes as “too smart for his own good”.


Zach Lucana

Dog Trainer

Zach Lucana, one of the K9 Mania Dog Training dog trainers, has worked closely with dogs since he started working at a dog daycare. His expertise in caring for the dogs led him to train dogs at the facility.

Zach’s primary techniques for dog training combine command-based and a dose of love and care. Zach also incorporates playtime into their daily routine.

What Zach loves most about his job is the incredible ability to form a mutual understanding with every dog he works with. This sense of connection keeps him dedicated to improving the lives of the dogs and their owners every day.

Zach’s love for the dogs reflects his long-term relationship with Jackson, his 11-year-old mixed breed Sheltie/Golden/Corgi/Chow Chow. Their bond proves Zach’s love for the dogs.

Janine GRFX

Janine Cantalupo

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Janine Cantalupo is a highly accomplished dog trainer who has dealt with an extensive number of cases involving dog behavioral issues with exceptional professionalism.

This led to her numerous successful resolutions of cases where desperate dog owners simply didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. Her vast experience, considerable expertise, and unbending work ethic have been a major godsend to K9 Mania Dog Training.

Janine’s track record with clients, both before and after joining the K9 Mania Dog Training family speaks volumes of her capabilities in fixing embarrassing or undesirable dog behavior. Her outstanding interpersonal skills are also a huge asset in allowing her to work with frustrated dog owners.

In fact, Janine makes it a point to stay in touch with clients even after their dogs have graduated from their training programs. This is why her clients put so much trust in her ability to solve their dilemmas involving their dogs. It also gives clients proof of her devotion to her calling as a professional dog trainer.

Janine has been an avid animal lover from a young age and grew up surrounded by them, particularly dogs. This allowed her to become comfortable around canines and ignited her desire to work with them in a professional capacity. Janine has an excellent sense of humor and a deep devotion to providing safe havens for dogs.


Gaby Kaufman

Dog Trainer

Gaby Kaufman is a seasoned dog trainer with years of dedicated experience in enhancing canine lives through a unique combination of expertise in both canine nutrition and behavior training. Her approach is holistic, and balanced and seeks to provide comprehensive support for dogs’ dietary and obedience needs.

As a dog trainer, Gabby believes there’s no such thing as “difficult” behavior, only opportunities for improvement. She tackles complex health issues, including allergies and anxiety, using her nutritional knowledge to improve the overall well-being of every dog she works with. She also guides dogs with various forms of anxiety through tailored approaches designed to fit each individual case.

Her best advice is to embrace patience. Her emphasis on patience has transformed many scared dogs into confident, happy companions ready to face life’s unexpected moments with a wagging tail.

Gaby strongly believes that educating dog owners is as important as training their dogs. She strives to correct misconceptions, such as the improper use of crates as punitive measures. Instead, she teaches that crates should be a sanctuary, promoting positive associations and ensuring dogs view them as a safe haven.

At home, Gaby’s heart belongs unequivocally to two particular breeds—the noble German Shepherd and the spirited Doberman. Her six-year-old therapy-trained shepherd and her one-year-old Doberman, who enjoys demonstrating his obedience skills, are a testament to her training excellence—a truly dynamic pair.


Kate Boyle

Dog Trainer

Meet Kate Boyle, a skilled dog trainer at K9 Mania, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Blending her scientific knowledge with practical skills to foster deep connections between dog owners and their dogs ignited her deep-seated interest in dog training.

Her academic background and hands-on experience deeply influence Kate’s approach to training dogs. Kate’s proficiency in dog training stems from nearly two years of invaluable experience at a dog daycare and boarding center. Through managing daily activities and understanding canine social dynamics, Kate honed her approach to fostering a secure and enjoyable environment for dogs.

Regarding her training style, Kate fosters harmonious relationships with dogs through her academic background in biology and practical experiences, valuing patience, consistency, and empathy. Her best tip for dog training is to prioritize consistency in commands, rewards, and expectations, creating a stable and nurturing environment for optimal learning.

Kate’s personal journey with dogs is not limited to training; she shares a special connection with several breeds, notably Cane Corsos, German Shepherds, and Beaucerons, and has a profound appreciation for the resilience and capacity for love that dogs possess, highlighted by her experience with a rescued Chihuahua-Pitbull mix.

Karym img

Karym Rodriguez

Kennel Tech

Karym Rodriguez is a talented Kennel Technician with an incredible passion for her work in the dog training industry. With experience working with dogs ranging from grooming, care, and strolls, Karym knows how to keep dogs healthy and comfortable.

Karym goes above and beyond to ensure the dogs under her care are happy and well-loved. She believes in the importance of nurturing and shaping the lives of vulnerable creatures like dogs, and her dedication and affection for them permeate her work.

When handling dogs, Karym brings a warm and loving energy to her workplace, making happier and more welcoming spaces for dogs under her care. She approaches her work by being calm and observant of each dog’s unique needs to help them stay relaxed. If a pup shows signs of anxiety, she takes dogs out to walk, talk, and show affection.

Her favorite thing about working with dogs is their character, which makes her work incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile.

Karym is an animal lover and loves all kinds of dogs.

Priscilla GRFX

Priscilla Garcia

Kennel Tech

Meet Priscilla Garcia, one of K9 Mania Dog Training’s dedicated kennel technicians! With a heart full of love for dogs, she’s committed to providing the best possible care for all the dogs she works with.

Her favorite part about working with dogs is feeding and playing with them, making sure to help them relax by taking them out for walks and giving them plenty of love and attention to help them feel relaxed and happy.

Priscilla believes the key to keeping dogs happy is empathy and building trust. She believes these can help accelerate the growth of dogs towards a healthier, happier, and higher quality of life.

Priscilla is a proud owner of German Shepherds which happens to be her favorite breed. She loves them for their commitment and loyalty especially when they look after her disabled parents.

Jennifer GRFX

Jennifer Carvajal

Kennel Tech

Get to know one of K9 Mania’s passionate Kennel Techs, Jennifer Guerrero Carvajal! With her genuine love for the dogs, she is dedicated to provide the care for every dog in her care.

As a Kennel Technician, Jennifer understands how dogs tend to be anxious, so she makes sure to help them relax by taking them to a leisurely walk every now and then.

For Jennifer, every day spent with these furry companions is a day filled with smiles, tail wags and pure canine happiness. She believes that love is the key to making dogs truly happy and her days are dedicated to showering them with affection.

Although Jennifer doesn’t have her own dog yet, she greatly adores French poodles. Her admiration for French Poodles goes beyond their stunning appearance; it’s a deep appreciation for their loyal and affectionate nature that fuels her passion.

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