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Our mission is to provide exceptional and progressive balanced dog training, with the highest quality service. The goal is to allow our clients to have a better experience by unleashing their dog’s true potential and guiding dog owners. The process includes helping dog owners understand, communicate, work with their dogs, resolve training challenges and behavior problems in a real world setting. We have a team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan areas with the passion of helping dog owners achieve a happy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. From the simplest to most severe behavioral problems, K9 Mania dog training will consistently deliver results that are proven to exceed our clients’ expectations. We work with all breeds, any dog, and any problem. If you are ready to transform your dog and your life, we are ready to help!


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Elliot Rosenberg

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Born in Long Island, Elliot Rosenberg is a Certified Master Trainer and Behaviorist who joins positive reinforcement with balanced training methods to instill trust and respect in the dogs he trains.

For over 10 years he has rehabilitated and trained hundreds of happy dogs to compete professionally in obedience, tracking, herding, agility, and protection sport. Fostering a lifelong love for learning how dogs communicate, he coaches dog trainers and pet parents on basic and advanced obedience, search and rescue, and behavior modification. Previously Elliot spent 7 years in Costa Rica training high-drive (working) dogs in a variety of dog sports. But his passion remains with owners who are desperate for help. Highly skilled in the diagnosis of behavior issues in dogs with aggression, fear, and separation anxiety, Elliot puts together specialized individual programs to tackle each problem. Elliot holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Queens College. His best pet memories are of his Dutch Shepherds, Momba and Sergeant, whom he trained in elite search and rescue, and his German Shepherd, Troy Hartis, who he competed with internationally in Schutzhund and IPO/IGP dog sport.

Dog Trainer Nicole Poliseno

Nicole Poliseno

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Previously the owner of a successful dog training business, Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Nicole Poliseno, brings a wealth of experience to K9 Mania. She has spent over 16 years helping some of the most desperate dog owners root out bad habits

often before they start. Nicole believes that if all dog owners do their homework and are proactive about finding the best trainer for their dogs when they are young, there would be fewer dogs in shelters. She trained guide dogs in obedience for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and has been a speaker and advocate for this worthy cause. Nicole trained under Anthony Jerone and holds a Master Dog Training Certificate from the Academy of Canine Education, Inc. She is also qualified in Animal First Aid. One of her proudest achievements was when she trained her tick and flea-ridden stray husky mix, Zak. Nicole is ready to help you take the first step towards a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog for many years to come.

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Jamie McKeon

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Jaime is a Certified Dog Trainer, grew up around dogs all his life. As his mom was working in pet adoption and vet facility, he has become more aware and exposed to understanding dogs and their nature.

A passionate believer of consistency in training dogs, Jaime is an expert at determining a dog’s unique temperament. Jaime is a positive and patient trainer and he believes that he can help owners to understand their dogs and helps them what to expect. Jaime earned his dog training certificate from Penn foster and got his experience in volunteering in a local dog service. He also received a certificate from PetTech for completing the K9 CPR/First Aid course. Jaime started dog training professionally in 2013 where he worked with different clients and dog breeds one-on-one and even online. Jaime helps manage aggressive and nervous dogs as well as helping owners to get their attention. He believes that patience, understanding, and consistency will help owners understand their dogs better. He hopes that through this, more owners will be educated and fewer dogs will be given away or abused. When he’s not working, Jaime enjoys martial arts and ice hockey. He also likes to exercise and play with his kids and 3 dogs at home.

Dog Trainer Ashlee Stanco​

Ashlee Stanco​

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Ashlee Stanco is an exceptionally experienced dog trainer, with the qualifications and skills to easily handle dogs in need of rehabilitation, behavioral coaching, and learning basic obedience.

She has been building up her repertoire of dog training know-how over the last 6 years and has perfected her positive reinforcement approach to training dogs.

Now, she’s with K9 Mania Dog Training and has been hard at work in helping fur parents get a handle on their aggravating dog problems. Ashlee works with anxious and frustrated dog parents to give them the tools and confidence they need by introducing steps to make training a lifestyle.

Ashlee’s method of teaching basic commands and encouraging major behavioral changes in dogs favors a nurturing and understanding process. She employs a gentle mindset when dealing with dogs of all ages, genders, and temperaments. This has allowed her to change the lives of hundreds of dogs and dog owners throughout her career. Whether the dog is aggressive, scared, barks, bites, in need of leash manners or socialization, or just getting used to a new family member, Ashlee can help. 

Before joining K9 Mania Dog Training, Ashlee worked as a mentoring dog trainer for groups and individuals. She assessed dogs on their behavior and recommended corrective action using positive reinforcement. Ashlee’s comprehensive and holistic approach to training means that both you and your dog will be happier and more peaceful in no time—and THAT makes Ashlee happy.

Dog trainer Jordan Hayes

Jordan Hayes

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Jordan Hayes is a highly experienced dog trainer, an extremely qualified animal care expert, and an incredibly knowledgeable dog behaviorist since 2017. He has a solid mastery of the Balanced Training method in teaching basic commands and managing behaviors such as aggression, anxiety.

Since his addition to the K9 Mania Dog Training family, Jordan has touched so many lives by helping frustrated and desperate dog owners in need of his services. His many years of experience and infinite passion to help dogs are why owners can fully entrust their dogs to him without worries.

This is made better by his excellent interpersonal skills, which allows him to have a good grasp of what dog owners go through. Understanding the plight of the family that cares for the dog’s well-being is a major part of rehabilitating and training dogs. Combining details from both fronts is crucial to a successful dog training program.

Through excellent training and encouraging better communication, Jordan is able to help fur parents have happier lives with their dogs. He also enjoys working with dog owners who are highly invested in the happiness and health of their canine companions. Getting that dream dog is about partnership and a good relationship, which Jordan actively encourages in his training programs.

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Janine Cantalupo

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Janine Cantalupo is a highly accomplished dog trainer who has dealt with an extensive number of cases involving dog behavioral issues with exceptional professionalism.

This led to her numerous successful resolutions of cases where desperate dog owners simply didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. Her vast experience, considerable expertise, and unbending work ethic have been a major godsend to K9 Mania Dog Training.

Janine’s track record with clients, both before and after joining the K9 Mania Dog Training family speaks volumes of her capabilities in fixing embarrassing or undesirable dog behavior. Her outstanding interpersonal skills are also a huge asset in allowing her to work with frustrated dog owners.

In fact, Janine makes it a point to stay in touch with clients even after their dogs have graduated from their training programs. This is why her clients put so much trust in her ability to solve their dilemmas involving their dogs. It also gives clients proof of her devotion to her calling as a professional dog trainer.

Janine has been an avid animal lover from a young age and grew up surrounded by them, particularly dogs. This allowed her to become comfortable around canines and ignited her desire to work with them in a professional capacity. Janine has an excellent sense of humor and a deep devotion to providing safe havens for dogs. 

Dog Trainer Sean Reid

Sean Reid

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Sean Reid is an exceptional dog training with a fantastic approach to handling embarrassing or undesirable dog behavior. This Florida-born dog trainer and behaviorist has endless energy for life and brings this passionate approach to handling dogs.

His addition to the K9 Mania Dog Training family has already changed the lives of a great many fur parents who could now breathe easy and enjoy their lives with their dogs.

Sean’s immense expertise in dog training was built up over 7 years with dozens of successful cases under his belt. He tempers being a consummate professional with an approachable air that puts dog owners at ease. This allows him to set both the dogs and parents for success by setting realistic expectations and consistent reinforcement. 

Being able to identify the factors that contribute to undesirable dog behavior and ways to help canine companions reach their full potential makes Sean easy to trust with the welfare of dogs, as well. He understands that owners need to be aware of the realities of what they can expect from their dogs in terms of improvements and eventual accomplishments.

Sean enjoys playing basketball, allowing him to maintain an active lifestyle. By volunteering at animal rescue whenever possible, he is also able to maintain constant contact with canines in various conditions. 

Dog Trainer Brittany Cubano

Brittany Cubano

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Brittany Cubano is an exceptional dog trainer and behaviorist, with the qualifications and experience to back it up. She is a graduate of Animal Behavior College with top scores, which provides her with a profound understanding of canine psychology and body language.

In addition to that, Brittany has also devoted countless hours volunteering at her local animal shelter. This gave her an unparalleled ability to communicate with dogs, especially canines with difficult cases that involve unwanted or even dangerous behavioral issues.

Brittany’s love for dogs allows her to understand their fears and the roots of their aggression. She believes in treating fear to help dogs get over their source of anxiety as a great way for them to start living healthier and happier lives. She is passionate about helping dogs and their owners develop better communication and a deeper connection to achieve the best outcomes. 

This is how she is able to consistently produce the best results when correcting undesirable dog behavior. Brittany is perfectly capable of allaying the fears and desperation of clients by expertly deconstructing and explaining what the issue is with their dogs and how she can help. Her impressive rate of success reassures clients that their dogs are in good hands. 

Brittany’s passion extends to children and sports, as well, and has spent six years teaching fencing to children. This helped her develop endless patience and the ability to thrive in hectic environments.

Dog trainer Steven

Steven Petrovich

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Steven Petrovich has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and grew up near Chicago with three dogs and three cats. He also worked in the healthcare industry for eight years..​

providing leadership training and coaching courses at five NYC hospitals during that period. This led him to develop a passion for understanding dogs, which allowed him to cultivate the patience and drive to become a trainer. Steven loves working with dog owners who want to enrich their lives and that of their canine partners. His own blue American Staffordshire terrier helped him refine his approach at addressing behavioral issues in dogs and set him on his course to becoming a professional trainer.

Dog Trainer Tori Morretti

Tori Morretti

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Tori Morretti is an exceptionally experienced dog trainer and behaviorist who has handled a lot of cases involving embarrassing dog behavior. With her impressive rate of success, Tori has helped dozens of fur parents finally get the dog of their dreams.

Her addition to the K9 Mania Dog Training family has allowed her to reach even more dog owners to provide her services.

Tori has always been passionate about helping people with their dog problems. Everything from basic obedience training to rehabilitation falls under her list of specialties. Tori has a strong drive to give desperate or frustrated fur parents the solution they need to their canine issues. This is how she is able to give them the dog of their dreams.

Tori’s focus in training dogs is creating a positive environment and fostering companionship between the owner and dog. Much of this is down to her extensive knowledge of the neurological aspects of training canine companions. 

Tori especially enjoys working with dog owners who treat their dogs like their best friends. She applies this to help clients who want to give their dogs the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Tori has a pure-bred Boxer, Rocky B, with whom she has developed a strong bond during their 10 years together. She is passionate about ensuring that both the families and their pups are happy with each other through better communication and understanding.

Dog Trainer Zachary Manzi

Zachary Manzi

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Zachary Manzi brings his relaxed and laid-back approach to helping dog owners as part of the K9 Mania Dog Training family. With his qualifications and experience, he is able to fix embarrassing, undesirable, or uncontrollable dog problems.
All while giving dogs and their owners a more positive and upbeat training.

He has a good understanding of dog behavior, which allows him to help fur parents with their desperate needs in a professional and effective manner. His willingness to help and openness bring a calm, soothing atmosphere to any training scenario.

Zachary has a passion for dogs, comedy, and professional wrestling. He and his 5-month-old Rottweiler/Husky mix named Kylo have trained to adapt to numerous, everyday situations.
John Holian - K9 Mania Dog Trainer

John Holian

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

John Holian has been a professional dog trainer for over 22 years. He has the experience and expertise to help fix dog problems that are caused by miscommunication and a lack of focus.

John specializes in training dogs to view their owners as being more worthy of their attention compared to everything else and through the dog’s natural drive.

John absolutely loves working with fur parents who want a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their canine companions. He helps them understand their dogs on a fundamental level by establishing effective communication.

His track record for successful cases speaks for itself with numerous clients referring him to other dog owners in need of his expertise. His approach to training results in a balanced relationship between owners and their dogs, which leads to more happiness and satisfaction.

John’s father had a huge influence on his dog training philosophy thanks to the patience that he showed in training his childhood family dog, Maeve. This happy memory and his own love for dogs are what drive him to help others experience the same level of satisfaction with their own canine companions.

John has three dogs. The 1-year-old bulldog Mable, the 5-year-old Mountain dog Millie, and the 9-month-old German Shepherd Tony. He has been married for 18 years and has four boys and two girls. He is also involved in training dogs via the IGP for Tracking, Obedience, and Protection skills.

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Rachel Blatt

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Rachel Blatt is one of the top dog trainers in the field and has a considerable amount of experience in handling challenging cases of embarrassing or undesirable dog behavior.
She started her own dog training business while very young and has since served hundreds of dog owners. This molded her into an extremely capable dog trainer and behaviorist.

Her experience and expertise in handling dogs allow her to provide the necessary training programs that would cater to individual needs and circumstances. Each dog is unique and each case comes with its own special conditions. Rachel tailors her approach to fixing behavioral problems based on factors that are unique to the dog.

Rachel has a profound understanding of dog psychology through years of resolving canine problems. She also has a knack for reassuring desperate dog owners that their issues can be resolved by understanding their needs. Her impressive track record of success in training and rehabilitating dogs is also a major point in her favor.

Rachel has a mellow personality and a taste for adventure. She likes to travel and meet new people, and even dreams of being a professional pasta taster! She has a 17-year-old Coton de Tulear named Chloe and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boone.
Tracy Brett K9 Mania Dog Trainer

Tracy Brett

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Tracy Brett is a phenomenal dog trainer and behaviorist who has an incredible grasp of dog behavior.

Her uncanny ability to understand canines is almost instinctual, which is how she is able to produce amazing results as part of the K9 Mania Dog Training family. 

She has resolved a multitude of behavioral problems, including pulling on the leash, jumping, obsessive barking, and aggression. In fact, one of her proudest accomplishments is being able to rehabilitate a dog with a major history of biting, thus saving him from severe consequences. Tracy is particularly passionate about giving dogs and their owners many happy years together.

What really makes Tracy so effective as a dog trainer is her remarkable ability to also understand the owners. This is essential in bridging the gap between fur parents and their canine companions so that true, deep communication can be established.

Clients who have already tried many trainers and methods to fix the problems with their dogs find success with Tracy because she truly cares. That’s why she loves working with dog owners who are frustrated because they want their dogs to reach their full potential but are having trouble doing so.

Tracy’s love for dogs goes all the way back to her younger years when she got her first dog as a little girl. Since then, she has been fascinated by how the canine mind works. During her personal time, she likes to do gardening, listen to music, and spend time with her German Shepherd, Astrid Freya.

Ashley Perwich

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Ashley Perwich is a highly accomplished dog trainer and behaviorist with a pristine record of successfully dealing with issues that involve embarrassing or undesirable behavior. She considers working with dogs her calling and has an unending passion for training canines.

She specializes in dog behavior modification and therapy work. She trains dogs to provide companionship to owners suffering from anxiety and other psychological disorders. Ashley has also proven remarkably adept at handling stubborn dogs by curbing their more undesirable habits and poor impulse control.

A huge part of Ashley’s success in many of the cases brought to her attention is the formation of strong bonds between dogs and their owners. She did so by establishing excellent communication and trust, along with involving dog owners in the training of their dogs.

Her ability to communicate with and facilitate the wishes of the clients with regard to their dogs has also earned her significant praise from owners. The huge number of positive feedback she has received throughout her career says everything about her considerable skills as a dog trainer.

Ashley’s love for dogs stems from her own traumatic experiences that were alleviated when she rescued her first canine companion, Whiskey. This was also the period where she developed a huge appreciation for music, which she uses for therapy. Recently, her family was joined by a piebald pit named Gambit Ragnar.

Josiah Arias

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Josiah Arias is a highly experienced trainer and dog behaviorist, with incredible insight into dog psychology. He can easily diagnose issues involving dogs, their behavioral problems, and what is causing them.
Josiah’s addition to the K9 Mania Dog Training family allows him to reach even more dog owners who are in need of his services.

His expertise allows him to help fix embarrassing dog behavior and bring out their full potential! Josiah has always been happy to be surrounded by animals and has a burning passion for helping people with their dog problems.

Josiah also loves working with dog owners who are fully committed to building strong and meaningful relationships with their dogs. He focuses on helping them reach a deep level of communication and trust. This allows dog owners to truly enjoy having their canine companions in their lives.

Dyese De Vito

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Dyese De Vito is one of K9 Mania Dog Training’s elite dog trainers and behaviorists. She’s a top-notch professional who knows dog psychology like the back of her hand.

Her capability to understand the body language of canines is unparalleled, which allows her to communicate with them on unfathomably deep levels.

This is how she is able to expertly handle difficult cases where dogs display embarrassing, undesirable, or aggressive behavior. Complex issues require a considerable amount of experience, patience, and understanding of dog psychology. All of which Dyese possesses and then some!

Dyese specializes in training high-anxiety, fear-aggressive dogs, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and socialization. By doing so, she can help dog owners with canine companions who went through traumatic events.

Having grown up in a family of pet lovers and, Dyese has been interested in dog training from an early age. She started her own business and the person behind Unruffled Paws. At K9 Mania Dog Training, Dyese uses her passion for helping dogs to provide dog owners with solutions that will help their troubled canines. 

She loves working with clients who are open to learning new things and are willing to build good relationships with their dogs. Her own home now hosts a multitude of dogs, from labradors to golden retrievers to redbone coonhounds.

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