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Board and Train New York

Long Island's premier dog training facility, K9 Mania, is now
located in Deer Park, NY.

Are you looking to find a state-of-the-art training facility for your dog? K9 Mania’s new training facility located in Deer Park Long Island, just right near Tanger Outlets, has over 10,000 square footage, making it the best place to give your dog the best training facility out there. We adhere to safety protocols to give the dog owners a peace of mind while their dog is away from them.

Why choose K9 Mania dog training facility for board and train?

We have a specialized board and train program that is geared towards a more personalized approach making this the most requested dog training program by our clients. This allows our dog trainers a better method for training the dogs prior to educating dog owners on how they can maintain the progress of their dogs.

Custom-tailored to the needs of your dog

With multiple sessions a day including exercise and playtime, the training program allows us to bridge the gap between the dogs and their owners.

Once you establish a solid foundation and clear communication with your dog, our dog trainers will then be able to start working on the dog’s behavior. Our goal is to teach and be able to make better decisions in assessing the areas where the dog is struggling with.

Training your dog in a real-life situation

K9 Mania’s board and train program provides a safe environment to simulate real-life experiences for your dog, such as possible distractions that your dog would be normally subjected to in its daily life.

Our board and train program varies on a case-to-case basis. We offer a 3-week program for mild to moderate behaviors and 5 weeks or more for serious behavioral issues. 

Our board and train program addresses all forms of unwanted and unsafe problem behavior including, but not limited to:

Are you ready to transform your dog and your life?

Behaviors and commands your dog will learn:

Included in this program:

The cost may vary on the length of the program, which is inclusive of training tools and equipment.

If you want to learn more about the program, just contact us TODAY, and let’s discuss how we can help you and your dog. Or, you can drop by our facility at 820 Grand Blvd, Deer Park, NY 11729. The areas we service in Long Island are Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Are you ready to transform your dog and your life?

Board and Train Frequently Asked Questions

We take on any dog and any problem, but it starts with evaluating your dog to see if they’re fit for our Board & Train program. A lot of factors need to be considered like age, health, your training goals, and more. Get started here!

Here at K9 Mania Dog Training, we believe dog training is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We reinforce a positive and holistic approach to dog training and take into account the dog’s environment. From there, we get to the root cause of the problem so we can correct bad behaviors in the healthiest ways possible.

Our Board & Train programs are custom tailored according to the evaluation of your assigned dog trainer. Board and train programs can go from 3-5 weeks or more, and also depends on the training goals you’ve set for your dog.

We want to know you and your dog, as well as what you want to achieve. Fill up this form so we can get started with your evaluation call!

After the call, we’ll schedule a one-on-one evaluation with you so our trainer can get to know you and your dog in person.

Board & Train begins with you dropping off your dog at our facility in Deer Park, Long Island. The trainer will work with them everyday, and when not in training, our kennel technicians will attend to their needs. You can have your pets bring treats, toys, and other things that will make them feel more relaxed during their time away from you. You can also let us know if they need to take medication or have other special needs.

We’ll schedule a midway session for you as well so you can come visit your furry friend and see their progress halfway through the program!

You’ll need to pack enough food for the duration of your dog’s stay with us. We’re also going to need the vaccination records you submitted to us. Make sure to include treats, chew toys, or any medication or supplements your dog may need to take so we can incorporate them into their routine. We’d be happy to provide anything else your dog may need during their Board & Train program. However, to avoid losing or misplacing items, we recommend bringing only the essentials such as food and the leash your dog walks in with.

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