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Dog Trainer in Long Island

Adding a dog to your NY family represents a big responsibility. Knowing the proper way to care for them is essential to forming a healthy relationship. Part of the process must include dog training in Long Island. It can feel quite intimidating to face training your new companion, but it does not have to be difficult. When you hire the best dog trainer Long Island has to offer, you get exceptional results quickly, comfortably, and conveniently. K9 Mania provides exactly that.

Even if you have experience with training dogs, it is not always enough to guarantee success with a particular dog. Dogs learn differently, and a dog's personality, age, and past training experiences will affect the training process. Whether you have a puppy who does not know the first thing about commands or manners or have an older dog with unwanted habits, you need help from people specifically trained to get results.


Dog training is essential for humans to form a healthy relationship with their new companion. After all, you want your canine friend to come on command, walk nicely on leash, and play by your rules. There are many benefits of dog training that go beyond simple obedience. You can learn how your pup thinks and feels, which will help you understand them better. Dog training also teaches pups how to be their own dog.

K9 Mania dog trainers in Long Island are available to help with all sorts of problems and issues. They can help with everything from simple commands to complex behavioral issues. Avoid mistakes and the problems they create down the line when you opt for established and successful methods from the start. A professional dog trainer can help keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe. Contact us by phone, email, or through our secure online form for more information.

Types of Dog Training We Offer

Our team of behaviorists and dog trainers offer comprehensive services for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and needs. No matter what your desired outcome, we take time to assess the unique personality and behaviors of each dog first before choosing the best methods. Our approach always focuses on the positive with dog-specific reward systems and a holistic approach that suits your furry friend's understanding and learning style.

We offer three primary types of dog training:

K9 Mania Dog Training offers various training programs built to fit you and your dog that fit your needs and schedule.

Puppy Training

Start your new puppy off on the right paw with the Foundation Puppy Training Program. This in-home service helps you learn about your dog's personality through a process of bonding, training, and socialization. Effective methods and diverse rewards to help with potty, leash walking, and crate training for comfort. This also includes basic commands like sit, stay, come, and drop it. We help remove unwanted behaviors like chewing and biting, whining, jumping, and more.

Dog Board and Train

Send your dog off to school with our board and train program. Instead of a sterile kennel situation with many dogs vying for attention, this training option has your dog living with one of our trainers 24/7 to get continuous, hands-on help for early learning, reinforcing positive behaviors, and helping overcome negative ones. With strong rules, on-site cameras, and GPS tracking collars in place for safety, your dog will enjoy a fun and educational vacation. When they come back home again, they will have better self-control and socialization that eliminates problem behaviors and makes them a better part of your family.

In-Home Dog Program

Our in-home training program is specifically designed to work with dogs who may exhibit some problem behaviors or need extra attention for command compliance. Using gentle yet effective behavior modification techniques, we tackle different types of aggression, territorial behavior, fear and separation anxiety issues, and general obedience both on and off the leash. It all starts with an on-site evaluation and continues with a customized plan that suits you and your dog specifically.

Why Choose Us?

A comprehensive range of dog training in Long Island services and the convenience of help all across the New York area top the list of reasons why K9 Mania is an excellent choice for your family. However, practical matters like availability and cost do not truly speak to how important your selection is. For maximum results, look for a team like ours with a strong mission statement and unwavering dedication to kind and effective methods that get the results that matter.

The K9 Mania identity is defined by the highest quality service in the area. We use well-established and up-to-date methods that align training with dog psychology in order to make each lesson work with your dog's unique personality and past experience. This allows us to quickly help a puppy learn behaviors and boundaries that result in fun, comfort, and the type of obedience needed for their safety. Our educated team of dog trainers and behaviorists also deliver results for the most severe behavioral problems. We work hard to figure out why a behavior occurs and understand the best way forward to transform undesirable ones into those that work well with your family.

Dog Boarding

Anyone who wants a well-behaved dog should make sure they choose an experienced dog trainer in Long Island who follows the best methods. Any dog owner should do their research before hiring a trainer to avoid making the wrong decision. The first step in training a dog is to find a reputable trainer, as well as educating yourself about the various approaches among trainers.

Every trainer and staff member at K9 mania dog training in Long Island shares the enthusiasm and dedication to helping your dog fit in to your family and world. Choose us because we offer much more than sit, stay, come. We offer solutions that help your life-long companion and precious pet have the best life possible with you.

Locations Served

We offer expert dog training services in the following New York City and Long Island locations. Click the link to see a convenient map of our coverage area.

(Each area has dozens of zip codes, so I did not list them all. It seemed excessive. Customers would more easily identify their borough or county.)

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