K9 Mania is excited to offer our new Foundation Puppy Training Program! Our private, in-home puppy training focuses on positive reinforcement helping you reach the full potential with your new puppy from an early age. Our training is both fun and effective for you and your dog. The goal is to establish a strong loving bond and excellent communication with your puppy from the start. Throughout the training we will use controlled environments as well as real life experiences. The training combined with your practice, will help your dog achieve consistent behaviors regardless of the surrounding to ultimately live a happier life with your dog!

Your will learn how to address these behavior and more

  • Crate Training and Potty Training

  • Chewing

  • Puppy Biting

  • Socialization

  • Whining

  • Jumping on People

Week 1 – Building a Foundation

  • Automatic focus

  • Mark and reward

  • Hand Target

  • Sit

Week 2 – Establishing Trust

  • On the leash
    (leash skills and loose leash walking)

  • Pet/ don’t pet

  • Handling/ Desensitizing 

Week 3- Controlling Impulse

  • Take it
  • Leave it

  • Drop it

  • Wait/ Stay

Week 4 – Creating a Safe Environment

  • go to place/crate
  • safe of leash encounters

  • Come/Recall

Week 5 – Developing Consistency

  • Differentiating Visual and Verbal cues

  • Down

  • Combining Cues – come when called with sit

Week 6 – Bonding with your Best Friend

  • come when calling with a long line
  • puppy push-ups
  •  trick training – giving paw

Each session is one hour and is once a week to take place in your home.

There will be daily homework and the whole family is encouraged to be included in the training. Although training will be carried out on that day, puppies can get tired very quickly, so some training may only be able to be explained and not demonstrated on the day. The above curriculum is a sample and we can also custom tailor the training to your puppy. It can take more than 6 weeks to cover all the topics depending on your puppy and the time that you put in. We cover mild basic puppy behavior modification any others we will need more sessions

If you are looking to be proactive, or want to get started now, contact us for more details and current availability.