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Best Dog Training Methods to Improve Your Pet’s Obedience

best dog training methods

There are a group of full-fledged dog behavior specialists near me. They are not dog trainers but they are dog behaviorists. All dog trainers have a similar goal – that all dog owners understand the dog-training methods and implement the dog obedience training techniques. If you are thinking of getting a dog for your beloved pet, you might want to consider getting dog obedience training. 

Having dog obedience training would assure that your dog will behave well in your home and with your family.

The behavior specialists at dog trainers have all undergone extensive training in dog behavioral training. They are all board-certified behaviorists. Therefore, when you get dog obedience training near you from one of these dog trainers, you can be sure that your dog will behave well in your home. 

Whether your dog is showing some aggressive behavior or has serious behavioral problems such as destructive house-breaking or the like, one of these trainers will definitely get to the root of the problem and solve it for you in no time at all.

The Need for Dog Training Specialists

A dog obedience training specialist is trained in dealing with problematic dogs as well as with handling aggressive dogs. One thing he or she will focus on is to get your dog to stop exhibiting bad behavior and start behaving properly. 

For example, your dog might be exhibiting some aggression toward other dogs or people. He or she will teach your dog the ‘No’ command so that your dog will recognize the boundaries between him or her and other people and dogs. Once your dog gets used to recognizing your authority as leader of the pack, bad behavior will stop.

Dog trainers at dog training near me are also trained to teach other dog owners the dog obedience commands. You might have a medium-sized dog as well as a large dog at home. Naturally, both of them need different dog training near me. 

Thus, it is necessary that you choose a trainer that can handle both medium-sized and large breeds of dogs. This is the third basic dog training method that you can use when you want to train your dog. 

Using Dog Training Collars

Another way to train your dog is by using the dog training collar to redirect your dog’s behavior. The dog training collar is a small dog control device that fits around your dog’s neck. 

Whenever your dog behaves in an unacceptable manner, the collar will let out a small electric shock that distracts your dog and redirects his or her behavior. You can give your dog small food rewards or no food rewards during the redirecting behavior.

This dog training method involves teaching your dog to behave when the other animals or people around him or her act in a way that is desirable. For instance, if you’re trying to train your dog not to jump on guests, you have to modify your dog’s behavior when people and other pets step in. 

Your dog will soon know that jumping will earn him or her a no-jump treatment from other pets or humans.

Leashing Training

This is a dog obedience training that many dog owners adopted themselves. They use the dog leash to pull their dog towards them. This dog training is simple, but it takes time and patience. Dogs have to learn that pulling on the leash doesn’t earn them any rewards and that pulling on the leash will only lead to being tired and irritated afterward. Thus, this dog training is sometimes ineffective.

This is the fourth dog training method that you can use to train your dog. You can find this most effective because it is highly recommended by experts as the best dog training method for preventing any negative behaviors from developing. 

This dog training method involves teaching your dog to respond to a command by giving it positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement, as opposed to punishment, is highly effective and leads to desirable results. Thus, you must incorporate this dog obedience training with all the others that you have tried so far.

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