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All About Board and Train and How To Prepare For It

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There are a lot of dog training services out there, but not all of them can be a good fit for your needs. Among these are Board and Train programs, such as those offered by K9 Mania Dog Training, which are some of the most comprehensive dog training services available. Every dog and every case is different. Not all of them will respond the same way. The beauty of Board and Train is how it encompasses so many aspects of dog training. This then allows trainers to have a better understanding of the dog and whatever problems they may have. As a result, the training that the dogs will receive will be more effective and dog owners will get obedient and well-behaved furry companions.

What is a Board and Train program?

Board and Train is where you take your dog to a professional facility for training. Your dog will stay in this facility for a set period of time, depending on what program you have chosen. Such a facility should be well-equipped, have the necessary space to accommodate dogs, and should be staffed by certified personnel. As for the specifics of the program itself, it can involve anything from behavioral modification to obedience training. Crate and puppy training would be on the table, as well. For dog owners who want to be able to take their dogs out on walks without a leash, this is possible with Board and Train too.

How does Board and Train work?

Board and Train programs are fairly simple. You book a spot for your dog, prepare what they need, and then drop them off. Your dog will then stay at the facility for a set period of time, depending on what you want them to learn. During that time, certified trainers will give your dog all of the attention and care that they need. Their health, fitness, diet, and hygiene will also be handled. From there, it’s just a matter of what you want your dogs to learn or what problems you want to be resolved.
What are the benefits of Board and Train

What are the benefits of Board and Train?

At this point, you might have already noticed many of the benefits that come with Board and Train. However, just to hammer the point home, you can take a look at the following:

Prevents separation anxiety from developing

Separation anxiety can be treated with the right approach, which is possible through Board and Train. The dog is surrounded by other dogs, which helps with the loneliness. Trainers and other staff members also regularly interact with the dogs, thus giving them lots of human contact.

Perfect for people with busy schedules

If you don’t have the time to train your dog due to work or other commitments, Board and Train is the perfect solution. You still get regular updates and you can visit your dog anytime that you want. This frees you up to get things done while your dog is getting the training that they need.

Allows owners to learn how to command their dogs

Obedience training is a big part of Board and Train programs. Dogs are taught to obey commands, which are then passed on to the owners. Fur parents will learn how to give the commands the right way, thus reinforcing the training that the dogs already received.

Board and Train gives your dog high-quality, dedicated attention

It’s important for dogs to receive consistent and reliable training. With Board and Train, the dogs are around the trainers most of the time and the schedule is structured. This allows for consistent results.

Board and Train allows your dog to be taught in a distraction-free environment

Loud cars, strangers, and even having the owners themselves around can be distracting for dogs. A professional Board and Train facility removes many of the unnecessary distractions that exist outside. This allows dogs to focus on training and learning.

Board and Train can help strengthen your bond with your dog

Dog owners also play a role in completing their dog’s training. Fur parents are taught almost as much as the dogs are. They learn how to give commands, what they need to do at home, and how they can maintain the results of the training. A big part of this is learning to communicate with their dogs, thus making their bond stronger.
What is the difference between Board and Train and private lessons

What is the difference between Board and Train and private lessons?

When your dog gets private lessons, it’s typically done by taking the dog out of the group setting or not exposing the dog to the group, at all. There are advantages to this, of course, but it’s not ideal for all cases. For example, aggressive dogs that are reactive to other dogs can benefit from private lessons. However, at some point, they will need to be exposed to other sources of stimulation. With Board and Train, you get the same benefits as private lessons with the added bonus of socialization. Dogs need to be around others of their furry kind in order to develop the right behaviors and habits for a satisfying home.

How old does my dog need to be for Board and Train?

Training should start as early as possible to get the best results. The first six months of the dog’s life are critical to shaping their personality and habits. If you can swing it, however, you should enroll your puppy in a good Board and Train program when they’re at a minimum of eight weeks. The younger the dog is when they receive training, the easier they will learn, and the longer the lessons will stick. With that said, dogs of any age can still be trained. You just need to find the right dog trainer or dog training program for the job.

What kind of dogs should not be in Board and Train?

While Board and Train programs are excellent options for most dogs, some cases are simply too delicate for such broad services. Dogs that show too much aggression due to abuse or other types of trauma, for example, will need more careful handling and private training. The same goes for dogs that have been mistreated, thus resulting in severe health problems. Once these issues have been dealt with, Board and Train can be considered.

How long will it take to complete the Board and Train program?

The duration for Board and Train programs can vary, depending on the company and the needs of the dog. They can be as short as a few days to several weeks. If the dogs need additional training on top of what they already received, their stay might need to be extended.
Why you need to understand Board and Train programs before signing your dog up for one

Why you need to understand Board and Train programs before signing your dog up for one

While Board and Train programs are incredibly beneficial for dog owners and their fur babies, they do still need to be looked into. Doing your homework on this option is recommended for the following reasons:

Make the most out of the program by knowing what’s involved

You need to know what you can expect from the Board and Train program. What kind of training is being offered? What will that mean for your dog? What kind of results can you expect? These are the questions that you’ll need to answer.

How much does Board and Train cost?

Knowing how much the Board and Train will cost will allow you to make the necessary changes to your budget to accommodate the expense. It will also help you prepare ahead of time so that you can get your dog the training that they need instead of settling.

How long will it last?

You should know how long you can expect your dog to stay at the Board and Train facility. This will allow you to schedule the drop-off and pick-up times, as well as rearrange your other commitments as necessary.

How do you prepare?

Some Board and Train facilities have everything your dog will need throughout the duration of their stay. Others will require you to pack a few things for your dog. Then there are the items that are necessary such as documents for identification and vaccination.

Is Board and Train Worth It?

Last but not least, you need to determine if enrolling your dog in a Board and Train program is even worth it. You can type in “best board and train NYC” on Google right now and you’ll find a ton of feedback to give you context regarding this topic. Any company with tons of 5-star reviews would be worth considering for sure.

Want to Learn More About Board and Train?

Board and Train programs are wonderful solutions to behavioral problems with dogs or simply to teach them how to behave properly while out in public. However, there is always more to learn about them.

If you’re interested in enrolling your dog in a Board and Train program but need to know more about it, you can check out K9 Mania Dog Training. We have a Board and Train facility in Deer Park, Long Island. You can reach out to us and we can answer all of your questions or schedule a consultation.

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