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Board and Train your Dog

Our Board and Train program is unlike any other out there. Your dog will be one of two dogs maximum trained in one of our trainer’s homes. Your dog will be immersed 24/7 in our training program and will learn rules, structure and obedience to be an upstanding canine companion.

This style of training translates seamlessly into your own home environment. Typically, Board and Train programs are in a kennel environment where facilities tend to focus on a higher volume of dogs for longer stays. We are able to provide your dog with one-on-one personalized attention, with multiple training sessions per day, as well as exercise, and play time. We train your dog in a real world environment, providing the same stimulation and distraction that your dog would normally experience vs. a sterile kennel environment.

In addition, over the top security and safety protocols are in place for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. ​LinkAKC​ GPS tracker collars and security cameras help us to ensure that your dog is safe and secure while they are staying in our care.

board and train in Nassau County

We offer a 2-week program for mild behavior rehabilitation, 3-week for more moderate to severe behaviors and 5-weeks for more serious behaviors

In this program we address all forms of unwanted or unsafe problem behavior, including, but not limited to:

Behaviors and commands your dog will learn:

Included in this program:

Cost dependent on location, and duration of program. Exclusive of training tools.

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