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Top 6 Reasons People Send Their Dogs to Dog Boarding Facility

Reasons Why People Send Their Dogs to Dog Boarding Facility

While many dog owners take great lengths to take care of their dogs, we sometimes have no choice but to leave them behind for a certain period of time. Sometimes we want to spend time all to ourselves (and this is totally okay!) or need to handle emergencies of different sorts where bringing your dog isn’t an option. Situations like moving houses or having guests and family members over may also warrant having our dogs away for some time.

Years ago this may have been more difficult to handle, but in recent times, dog boarding facilities have become more and more accessible.

So why do dedicated dog owners send their dogs to K9 Mania’s Dog Boarding Facility?

stress-free vacation

1. For a stress-free vacation

Whether you’re set to take a dip in the crystal waters of Maldives or cool down in the snowy mountains of Canada, knowing that you’re leaving your dog back home could hold you back from fully enjoying that well-earned time off. You won’t have to worry about the distance when your dogs are in the care of expert caretakers at a dog boarding facility.
Sense of assurance during time away

2. Sense of assurance during time away

When you leave them unattended at home, even with a pet camera, anything can still happen. Dogs can still have unpredictable reactions like drooling and sudden aggression when left alone, especially since dogs are sociable in nature and value connection with their owner.

Knowing that your dogs are in good hands will also definitely improve the quality of your time away, no matter the reason. Entrusting them to a dog boarding facility will give you comfort and peace of mind that they are being well taken care of.

Dog owners will be updated on their dog’s activities throughout the day, as well as their whereabouts. No chewed-on slippers, ripped sofas, or a mortifying electric bill from leaving the TV on here!

Security purposes

3. Security purposes

Hiring a dog sitter would mean letting a stranger into your residence. This may not always be the most comfortable thought, and vetting the perfect dog sitter in the area requires some time––not optimal for emergencies!

By sending your dog to boarding facilities, you’re also essentially protecting your sacred space. You’ll come back to find your house in the same state you left it in!

Proven knowledge of handling dogs

4. Proven knowledge of handling dogs

Anyone can attempt to look after dogs, but not everyone is good at it! Dogs may behave differently around unfamiliar faces and can send an inexperienced dog sitter into a panic. Things could escalate quickly if not handled well.

Caretakers at K9 Mania’s Dog Boarding Facility will know how to deal with any dog of any size and personality. Plus points: their methods are sure to be healthy and within industry standards, so you can cross out any unprofessional handling even for the wildest dogs.

Maintain dog’s routine

5. Maintain dog’s routine

At dog boarding facilities, caretakers make sure that your dog sticks to their day-to-day routine according to your instructions, even outside the comfort of home. Leaving enough food and water for the duration of your time away may not be sufficient, especially for more high-maintenance dogs. This is applicable to dogs who need more than just eating and bathing––like taking medicine at a certain time of the day or getting a set amount of exercise in.

Doing familiar things in an unfamiliar setting can also help the dogs feel more relaxed, and can help them avoid feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or overstimulated by the change in environment.

All-around care is provided at K9 Mania’s dog boarding facility, with options for add-on services. It can depend on the facility, but common extras are grooming services and special physical activities. With all the pampering, it’s almost like they’re going on their own vacation too!

Keep dog physically and mentally healthy while owner is away

6. Keep dog physically and mentally healthy while owner is away

Separation anxiety is real and valid even in dogs, and it’s worse when you’re alone at home! Its symptoms often include pacing around the area, chewing or nipping on items, and excessive barking. Some even poop or refuse to eat when separated from their owners! And because many of its symptoms appear like behavioral issues, it can be downplayed and misinterpreted. At dog boarding, any symptoms of such will be detected easier––and earlier.

With the company of experienced Kennel tech, dogs can feel less agitated. They’ll also be able to manage their temperament better while you’re away since kennel technicians at a dog boarding facility can help dogs cope in a healthy manner and recommend further remedy to ease your dogs when you’re not around.

Physical fitness, of course, is just as important as it plays a role in the overall well-being of our dogs, including behavioral and mental. Proper exercise and activity time is ensured while in the care of dog boarding facilities. Water and food intake are in appropriate portions, at the right time. Energy is spent in healthy, controlled amounts.

Love and care as your dogs know it

We believe that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend––they’re also man’s best family member! This is why we do our best to imitate the same genuine love and care that they always receive, even while you are away. No matter the size and no matter the reason, your dog will always enjoy the company and find a home away from home here at K9 Mania Dog Training!

It’s important to find the perfect boarding plan for you, along with add-on services to elevate your beloved fur baby’s boarding experience! Check us out on our website or reach out via phone (516 217 1604) or email (info@k9maniadogtraining.com)

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