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About Puppy Training

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Puppies do a lot of learning in their early months, especially when it comes to navigating their new environment and learning good manners. Want the best for your puppy?

At K9 Mania Dog Training, we make sure that you and your puppy can learn new and important life skills in a safe and comfortable environment.

We’ll teach your puppy how to politely socialize with others and be comfortable with close human contact. 

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With our puppy training program, your puppy will be able to behave when you’re out of the house, follow your lead while on walks, know where it’s okay to go to the bathroom, and more:

Your will learn how to address these behavior and more

How Our Puppy Training Program Works

Your journey to a well-mannered puppy begins with a consultation call, allowing us to grasp your needs and evaluate your puppy’s behavior.

Your path to a well-mannered puppy starts here. During this call, our main goal is to thoroughly understand your needs and assess your puppy’s behavior. This ensures that we can design a training program that’s just right for your little furball.

After the Phone Consultation:

Once we’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the best way to assist your puppy, we’ll walk you through the subsequent steps to get both you and your puppy ready for the training journey. We can also schedule an on-site evaluation at our facility. This allows us to observe your puppy in a different environment and further tailor the training program to suit their needs.

This step is where you officially commit to your puppy’s transformation. The contract will discuss everything you can expect with our Puppy Training Program, from online courses to one-on-one sessions in our facility with our trainer for hands-on support once per week. It also outlines the terms of our agreement, ensuring that both parties are protected during the training program.

After Signing the Contract:

After you’ve signed the contract, you can expect the following:

  • Online course to deepen your understanding: You will receive access to our exclusive online course tailored to our clients. This will provide background on basic training methods and offer insight into puppy behavior.
  • One-on-One Training: We then schedule an in-person session for yourself and your puppy. One-on-one training sessions are personalized to your puppy’s needs and are aimed at meeting the specific goals you’ve outlined during our phone consultation.
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First Week Season

Learn the important puppy necessities​
  • Food Handling
  • Placement of Your Slip Leash
  • Holding your Leash
  • Verbal Markers
  • Food Motivation
  • Crate Training & How to Properly Introduce the Crate
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Second Week Season

Teach your puppy core training skills​
  • Teaching the "Sit"
  • Teaching the "Down"
  • Teaching "Place"
  • Beginning of Loose Leash Walking
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Third Week Season

Troubleshoot common puppy problems
  • Build Distance and Duration in Commands
  • Name Recognition and Recall
  • Jumping Behavior

We also personalize our training curriculum based on your puppy’s needs. However, please note that the 3-week puppy training program only covers basic puppy behavior modification. Other concerns would require more sessions.

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