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Our mission is to provide exceptional and progressive balanced dog training, with the highest quality service. The goal is to allow our clients to have a better experience by unleashing their dog’s true potential and guiding dog owners. The process includes helping dog owners understand, communicate, work with their dogs, resolve training challenges and behavior problems in a real world setting.

We have a team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan areas with the passion of helping dog owners achieve a happy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. From the simplest to most severe behavioral problems, K9 Mania dog training will consistently deliver results that are proven to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We work with all breeds, any dog, and any problem. If you are ready to transform your dog and your life, we are ready to help!


Melody Myers

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Melody is a competent and highly experienced dog trainer who has achieved objectives and resolved unwanted canine behavior patterns. She has worked with dogs of many breeds and ages, utilizing positive reinforcement and a range of training practices, committed to helping find the solutions dog owners are looking for.

Melody began appreciating dogs and the art of training them at the age of 11 after growing up with numerous animals as pets. She’s a seasoned dog trainer who specializes in educating dog owners on how to interact successfully with their dogs to foster a closer bond. 

She is adept at diagnosing and treating underlying reasons for dog behavior issues. Her unique ability to comprehend owners is what makes her a great dog trainer. This is vital in establishing actual, deep contact between fur parents and their canine friends.

Now at K9 Mania Dog Training, she’ll bring her expertise to help dog owners achieve their goals and make their dogs reach their full potential.

Leana Rendon

Dog Trainer/ Dog Behaviorist

Results-driven, compassionate, ethical, and eager – this has been Leana with her passion for dog training for many years. Well-versed in dog training methods, she has a solid understanding of relationship building and problem-solving abilities on issues concerning canine behavior and body language.

Her inclusion to the K9 Mania Dog Training Family provided her with the opportunity to deliver joy and solutions to every frustrated dog owner she dealt with. Leana specializes in developing customized training programs that are tailored to the specific requirements of each dog owner. She has an extensive understanding of many dog breeds and temperaments, which she uses to support her training techniques. She is dedicated to making dog training a patient, personable, and rewarding experience for all dog owners as well as the dogs.


Leana has a long and deep history of living with dogs, both joyfully and distressingly. She has experienced how defeating and depressing it sometimes feels to struggle with the dog’s undesirable behavior. She personally owned a German shepherd, Charlie, that changed her life. Charlie has been her Psychiatric Task-trained Service Dog. With the help and healing she continued to receive from Charlie, she realized that her heart will always belong to dogs. And this has been her commitment: she wants to help dog owners in experiencing the type of bond, loyalty, and obedience that she has with Charlie – to live a better and more meaningful life with their dogs.

Our Team

K9 Mania Dog Training’s mission and promise to you is that we will provide the best and most progressive balanced dog training, with the highest quality service.

Our Method

K9 Mania Dog Training is a balanced dog training company Together, with our team of dog trainers and dog behaviorists…

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