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TRAIN YOUR DOG RIGHT AT THE COMfort of your own home!

mastering leash walking

Tired of being pulled down the street by your dog every time? Transform your family walks into a fun bonding experience with our Master Leash Handling Mini-Course! 


Learn training strategies that work for your unique dog, no matter the breed or personality!


Strengthen your bond with your dog through training exercises that helps them grow into happy, well-behaved dogs!


Train your dog in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to practice in your dog’s natural environment.

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make daily walks fun again with our LEASH WALKING.

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Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you? Is taking your dog out for a walk a constant battle of dragging you around and barking at everything that moves? 

If this is you, we make walks in the great outdoors great again with our Mastering Leash Handling mini-course! Say goodbye to leash-pulling and say hello to enjoyable walks today! 

leash walking PROBLEMS?

Is your dog tough to take out on a walk with?


Our Perfect Walking Mini Course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to achieve harmonious walks with your dog. You’ll learn the art of effective food handling and utilizing your treat pouch for maximum convenience. You’ll also master leash handling techniques, understand the proper use of verbal markers, and gain insights into using tools like the prong collar for safe and effective training.

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make the outdoors more fun and exciting!

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Your dog’s a sweetheart until you take them out for a walk, making the outdoors a total nightmare, growling and barking at everything and anything that moves. But what if you could change that?

Train your dog to be the ideal outdoors companion and transform your walks from a nightmare to a whole new exciting adventure you and your dog can change forever!

WITH JUST $49, You can transform your daily walks into a fun experience

With just one payment of $49, you can change how you experience the outdoors with your dog! No more pulling or lunging! 

are you ready to transform your and your dog's life today?

Your journey to a more peaceful and happier life with your dog begins here.



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daily walks with your dog doesn't have to be so difficult

Make walks with your dog an enjoyable bonding experience with our Mastering Leash Handling mini-course.

asked questions

Is this course suitable for all kinds of dogs?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to work with all kinds of dogs, no matter what breed they are! Our Master Leash Walking course is perfect for dog owners like you who want more peaceful walks outdoors with your dog. This course will teach you how to leash walk side by side with your dog, making for a more fun and enjoyable outdoors experience!

Do I need background in dog training to sign up to this course?

No prior experience is required. Our Mastering Leash Walking course provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, making it accessible to all dog owners, regardless of their training background. You can start leash walking training with your dog effectively from day one.

What equipment do I need for the training?

For this course, you will need basic training equipment to begin! This includes leash, collar, treat pouch, treats, and more! This course will guide you comprehensively on their responsible and effective use to ensure your dog’s safety and well-being.

How long does this course take to complete?

Our program is designed to work perfectly into your schedule! What this means is you can study this course on your own pace and on your own time! With lifetime access to the lessons, you can revisit and reinforce training as needed, ensuring both you and your dog are comfortable with each step of the process.

What age should my dog start training?

Our online course is perfect for dogs aged 6 months and above. If your dog is younger than 6 months, we recommend signing up to our Perfect Puppy Training 101 to learn how to train your dog into becoming healthier, well-behaved dogs!

But if you want more for you and your dog beyond leash handling, our Advanced Dog Training Master Class is designed to teach you everything you need to train your dog for a full transformation! To learn more about our Advanced Dog Training Master Class, click here to sign up now!

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