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Is board and train worth it?

Is board and train worth it

Board and train programs can be a great way to help your dog learn some discipline and manners. It’s not for every dog, but if your pup has special needs or is just generally a pain in the butt, it’s worth considering! In this article, we’ll discuss whether board and training is right for your pooch and how to find the right program for you.

Professional Training for Aggressive Dogs

If your dog is aggressive, acts out or has behavioral problems, then boarding and training may be a great option for you. The trained staffs at many boarding facilities are experts in helping dogs with these issues.


Boarding facilities can provide you with guidance on how to handle your aggressive dog. They can also help teach them basic obedience skills and make sure that they aren’t punished for their aggression.


A board and train will help with any fears or anxieties that your dog may have. They’ll get used to being around people, new things and other animals without feeling threatened by them!


Boarding facilities can help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety (they get anxious when left alone). With the right training techniques, they’ll learn how to behave when they’re home alone too!


Dogs need structure in order to be happy members of our families – especially when it comes time for training sessions like this one! While there are plenty of ways that one might go about doing so (like trying out clicker training), some people prefer having someone else take care of this sort of thing instead – which is why we recommend looking into whether any nearby facilities offer classes specifically designed around teaching basic commands like Sit/Down/Stay .”

Help With Separation Anxiety

Help With Separation Anxiety

Board and train programs are also a good option for dogs with separation anxiety. In these cases, the dog will be getting plenty of attention from trainers who know how to deal with this behavior, and can learn how to be calm without you at home.

This can be especially helpful if you don’t have the time or patience to train your dog yourself. If your dog has no issues while you’re away, however, then a board and train program won’t benefit them in any way.

Perfect for Obedience Training and Behavioral Management

Some dogs are afraid of specific places or objects. For example, one of my own dogs has a fear of the vet’s office. This can be very upsetting for owners who want to bring their dog in for routine checkups or vaccinations, but it can also cause problems for the vet’s staff if they try to muzzle the dog and he bites them instead. Clearly, a board and train program could help this dog get over his fears so that he doesn’t have to be muzzled when visiting the vet’s office.

Board and train programs may also be helpful for dogs who are afraid of other people in certain situations. If you have children at home but your dog is scared by them, then a board and train program could help him learn how to interact with kids in a safe environment before bringing him back home where there might be real danger involved.

Great for Teaching Dogs to Relax

Board and train programs are also a great option for dogs who have a lot of energy, or who are easily distracted. If you’re planning to take your dog camping soon, but he’s not used to the idea of being outdoors for very long periods of time and can’t sit still for longer than five minutes without getting antsy and running in circles, board training might be able to help him learn some focus so that he can stay calm enough to enjoy the experience.

Boarding schools also offer training on different obedience commands so that your dog will know how to behave in public settings. Many dogs have learned that they need only bark loudly at strangers or other dogs in order to get attention; this makes them seem aggressive when they’re actually just trying their best within their limited capacity for socialization skills!

Boarding schools can teach your pup not only basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” etc., but also more advanced behaviors such as fetching items from different places (like “Bring me your toy”).

Excellent for Training Even Older Dogs

Board and train can be helpful for older dogs who’ve been used to doing whatever they want for years; it’s a chance for them to start learning discipline.
Dogs who have been spoiled or allowed to get away with bad behavior, like barking incessantly, chewing up furniture, or being rude toward people may benefit from board and train.

Best Option for Dogs That Are Difficult To Train

Board and train is not a miracle cure. It’s an investment in your dog’s future. If your dog isn’t responding to training at home and needs extra work, board and train can provide the structure, consistency, and supervision they need to become a well-behaved member of your family.
It’s important to note that this type of training isn’t meant as a substitute for training at home; however, it can be helpful for dogs who are aggressive or have separation anxiety.

Start Your Dog’s Board and Train Journey Today!

If your dog needs a little extra help, a board and train program can be a great option. The first step is to ask yourself what you want to get out of it: Do you want your dog to learn better manners? Do they need more exercise? Are there specific behaviors that are causing problems in your house? Then K9 Mania Dog Training can help!

K9 Mania Dog Training Board and Train Program is proud to exclusively use positive reinforcement based methods, helping to positively guide your dog to be a valued contributing member of your family.

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