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How To Fix Your Dog's EMBARRASSING BEHAVIOR with Long Island's Premier Dog Trainers

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What’s All Included  in Your Dog’s FREE Consultation?

Experience convenient dog behavior consultations from the comfort of your home. We’ll discuss your dog’s issues, identify causes, and create a personalized training plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle. No commitment required—get expert advice and pointers during the consultation.



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what makes us different


Firstly, we aren’t like any other dog training or dog behavior business.

Our programs are completely customized based on your dog’s current situation, and your relationship/behavior goals with them. Our dog trainers don’t train every dog the same because every dog is UNIQUE, and that’s the beauty of it!

Secondly, we provide unlimited free dog training phone and email support from our dog trainers for the life of your dog!

This is a part of our K9 Mania Dog Training Satisfaction Promise.

why train with us?


Don’t lose hope if you’ve tried other trainers or consulted a veterinarian behavioral specialist or even used medication for your dog’s relaxation. Imagine a life where your dog obediently follows your commands because they associate it with love. It’s possible! Let’s identify the root of your dog’s behavior, establish clear communication, and build a relationship where your dog is not just obedient but also confident, social, and happy.


frequently asked

What Is Our Training Method?

At K9 Mania, we offer balanced, holistic dog training by professional trainers. Our mission is to help you understand and work with your dog to resolve training challenges and behavior issues in a real-world setting. We look at the entire relationship between the dog and its environment to identify the root cause(s) of the behavior problem and address your dog’s state of mind.

How Much Does Training Cost?

The cost of dog training varies, depending on factors such as the program length, the type of program,  and specific training goals. At K9 Mania Dog Training, prices are set to reflect the personalized nature of our services. We provide transparent pricing details at the initial phone consultation to help you decide about your investment in your dog’s behavior. Get your free consultation today at K9 Mania Dog Training and discover more about what our program can do for you and your dog.

Do You Offer Refunds or Guarantees?

Our dog training sessions are planned several weeks ahead. Please note that all sessions are non-refundable once scheduled, and we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Dog training is a joint effort that requires commitment and consistency from both owners and dogs. We can help your dog stop nipping, pulling on the leash, or jumping on guests. However, your dog needs to practice these behaviors with you. Our goal is to train YOU to train your dog effectively. By staying consistent and doing your homework, you’ll witness remarkable progress and incredible transformations in your dog’s behavior.

Do You Work With Aggressive Dogs?

Absolutely! We welcome all dogs and breeds, no matter the issue. Our expertise lies in assisting even the most challenging canine cases. If you’re facing behavior problems like nipping or jumping on guests, don’t lose hope – we’re here to help you.

Why choose K9 Mania Dog Training vs. Group Classes?

At K9 Mania Dog Training, our undivided attention is on you, your dog, and your unique situation. We take a holistic approach to address behavioral issues like barking, nipping, separation anxiety, and more. We focus on resolving these problems within your everyday environment and carefully introduce distractions, such as other dogs, people, or children, under controlled conditions.

Unlike group classes, which often involve many distractions, dogs with behavioral issues, or one trainer handling multiple dogs, our approach is customized to provide a personalized and effective solution for you and your dog.

Do You Use Treats To Train Dogs?

Yes, we use different methods because each dog is unique. We figure out what your dog likes and what motivates them. Dogs, like people, have their own preferences. Some dogs may not be interested in food and prefer play, toys, or praise. This tailored approach is especially important when addressing undesirable behavior, such as running off and being at risk of getting run over.

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