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Dog Obedience Training Commands Every Dog Should Know

Dog Obedience Training Commands
Got a new dog? Awesome! What’s next, you ask? Why, learning how to start obedience training, of course! You can’t just let your dog run around the house where he could pee on everything, ruin your furniture, and ignore you when you try to tell him to stop. Dogs need to learn to listen to you and the best way to do this is to teach them how to obey commands. Ready to get learn how to train your dog basic obedience?

How Should You Train Your Dog?

So, how exactly will you train your dog to obey commands? While it’s tempting to start with crazy tricks that you see in competitions, it would be best to start with the basics. However, before we even get to those, it’s worth noting that there are several ways to approach dog training. One of the most successful methods is to use rewards every time your dog successfully obeys your command. This can come in the form of treats, praises, scratches, belly rubs, and so on.

Dog Obedience Training Commands

Now, there are a lot of commands that dogs can be trained to obey, but you only really need to know a few of them to have a happy relationship with your dog. These would be the following:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Leave it
  • Drop it 

As you can see, they’re pretty basic and part of the whole “how to obedience train a puppy” package. Sticking to these commands, for now, will also cement the changes you want in your dog’s behavior without overcomplicating things.

Dog Obedience Training Command Sit


While one of the simplest starting points on how to do obedience training for dogs, Sit is also crucial in helping keep your dog calm and controlled. Once you’ve got this command down, everything else should be easier.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Stand in front of your dog while holding a treat close to his nose.
  2. Slowly move the treat up over your dog’s head while ensuring that he keeps following the treat.
  3. Wait until your dog sits on his rump and say “Sit!”.
  4. Give your dog the treat while giving praises and lots of love.
  5. Rinse and repeat several times over the next few days until your dog learns to sit even without showing the treat.
dog come command


Come is one of the simplest commands to teach your dog.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Hold your dog’s leash and move away a bit, but not too far.
  2. Pull the leash gently while saying “Come!”.
  3. When your dog goes to you, give the treat.
Dog Obedience Training Command Stay


Stay is a command that you can combine with Sit.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Tell your dog to sit.
  2. Once your dog is sitting, tell your dog to “Stay!” while holding your open palm towards him.
  3. Move away a few feet before coming back to give your dog a treat.
  4. Repeat this cycle while moving progressively further away from your dog.
dog leave it command

Leave it

Teaching your dog to leave stuff alone can save you a lot of stress. This is a huge step in how to train your dog obedience.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Enclose your dog’s favorite treat in your fist.
  2. Hold your closed fist in front of your dog and say “Leave it!”.
  3. Ignore your dog’s antics until he moves away from your fist.
  4. Once he moves away, give your dog a treat using your other hand.
  5. Repeat this process until your dog moves away the moment you say “Leave it!”.
dog drop it command

Drop it

Getting your dog to let go of something that he has in its jaws can be a challenge. Training him to obey the “Drop It!” command will solve this problem.

To start, just follow these steps:

  1. Give your dog a toy but make sure that it’s not his favorite.
  2. Let your dog play with the toy for a bit before showing him a really tasty treat.
  3. When your dog drops the toy to eat the treat, give lots of praise before hiding the toy behind your back.
  4. Once your dog is done eating the treat, give the toy back and repeat the process several times.
  5. After a few times of this, add the verbal cue of “Drop It!” before showing the treat.
  6. Repeat this until your dog drops the toy even without showing him the treat.
Dog obedience training 1

Want Effective Dog Obedience Training?

Learning how to train a puppy basic obedience on your own is all well and good, but if you really want results, professional training is the way to go.

Professional dog trainers can give you the best results in the shortest time and with the least amount of stress.

You get a dog that will obey your commands every time. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s stress-free.

K9 Mania Dog Training offers a wide range of classes designed to build a happy and obedient dog that does what YOU want. Contact K9 Mania Dog Training for your FREE Dog Obedience Consultation Today!

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