Nicole Poliseno

Previously the owner of a successful dog training business, Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Nicole Poliseno, brings a wealth of experience to K9 Mania. She has spent over 16 years helping some of the most desperate dog owners root out bad habits, often before they start. Nicole believes that if all dog owners do their homework and are proactive about finding the best trainer for their dogs when they are young, there would be fewer dogs in shelters. She trained guide dogs in obedience for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and has been a speaker and advocate for this worthy cause. Nicole trained under Anthony Jerone and holds a Master Dog Training Certificate from the Academy of Canine Education, Inc. She is also qualified in Animal First Aid. One of her proudest achievements was when she trained her tick and flea-ridden stray husky mix, Zak. Nicole is ready to help you take the first step towards a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog for many years to come.

Hannah Villar

Office Assistant and Social Media maven, Hannah Villar is a creative force who keeps businesses up to date with the latest social media trends. Her experience spans a wide range of industries including business administration, television production, research, sales and marketing/campaigns, sports and wellness management, events organization, and hospitality. Hannah believes in the power of the creative arts to help businesses thrive and compete with bigger brands. Thanks to her innovative branding, the domain registrar, GoDaddy, recognized Hannah as a promising small business owner. She holds a BA Degree in Communication from Far Eastern University and a BA in Journalism from the University of Santo Tomas. Her undergraduate thesis entitled, ‘Working Conditions of Stunt Performers in Philippine Television and Cinema’ put the spotlight on exploitation in the film industry and is being rewritten to feature in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ journal. She earned a further qualification in Sports Wellness and Management—another passion. When she is not working, Hannah likes to travel, keep fit, and is a freelance fashion stylist.

Ariella Lisker

Born in NY, Ariella Lisker grew up around dogs, and it shows. Today Ariella is a Dog Trainer and puppy expert who coaches pet parents in ways to train their dogs in basic and advanced manners, impulse control, and behavior modification. For over 10 years, Ariella has paired her remarkable patience with the scientifically proven positive reinforcement method to get consistent results. She helps veteran and first time dog owners to connect with their dogs of all breeds and sizes, teaches puppy and adult manners, and helps dogs and their parents master leash walking. She also brings over 16 year’s customer service and hospitality expertise to her career as a dog trainer, making her incredibly easy to work with. Ariella holds a BS in Hospitality Management from New York University, and various qualifications in Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pet First Aid and CPR. Her own King Charles/Spaniel mix, Callie, is a 10-year-old rescue. When she’s not training, Ariella loves to hike with Callie, is an amateur photographer and cycles to keep fit.

Jake Muller

Jake Muller is a Certified Dog Trainer from Oceanside, whose family have been raising award-winning show dogs all his life. Surrounded by these skilled trainers, understanding dogs became second nature. A fervent believer in giving the animal a ‘choice’ in training, Jake is an expert at reading and teaching body language. Jake is an unapologetic positive reinforcement trainer, and he believes in restoring the relationships between dogs and their owners. Once he has dealt with any gaps, jumping and leash-pulling and even more complex issues, are easy to solve. Jake holds a BTech in Wildlife Management from the State University of New York. He draws from experience as volunteer at the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area; wolf training at Wolf Park, IN; and as New York City Urban Park Ranger. When he’s not working, Jake raises awareness for wildlife conservation. His warmest pet memories are of Rocky, his Beagle and Jack Russell cross, who shared his life for 18 happy years.

Ashlee Stanco

Ashlee Stanco is an experienced trainer, trained dog handler, and skilled behaviorist, for over 6 years who trains dogs where others have given up. She has perfected the positive reinforcement training method to teach basic commands and shape bigger behaviors in hundreds of dogs from puppies, to rescues, to senior dogs. Whether your dog is aggressive, scared, barks, bites, needs leash manners or socialization, or is getting used to a new family member, Ashlee can help. Ashlee works with anxious and frustrated dog parents to give them the tools and confidence to introduce the proper steps in their everyday life to make training a lifestyle. Before joining K9 Mania Dog Training, Ashlee worked as a mentoring dog trainer for groups and individuals. She assessed dogs on their behavior and recommended corrective action using positive reinforcement. Ashlee’s comprehensive and holistic approach to training means that both you and your dog will be happier and more peaceful in no time—and THAT makes Ashlee happy.

Elliot Rosenberg

Born in Long Island, Elliot Rosenberg is a Certified Master Trainer and Behaviorist who joins positive reinforcement with balanced training methods to instill trust and respect in the dogs he trains. For over 10 years he has rehabilitated and trained hundreds of happy dogs to compete professionally in obedience, tracking, herding, agility, and protection sport. Fostering a lifelong love for learning how dogs communicate, he coaches dog trainers and pet parents on basic and advanced obedience, search and rescue, and behavior modification. Previously Elliot spent 7 years in Costa Rica training high-drive (working) dogs in a variety of dog sports. But his passion remains with owners who are desperate for help. Highly skilled in the diagnosis of behavior issues in dogs with aggression, fear, and separation anxiety, Elliot puts together specialized individual programs to tackle each problem. Elliot holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Queens College. His best pet memories are of his Dutch Shepherds, Momba and Sergeant, whom he trained in elite search and rescue, and his German Shepherd, Troy Hartis, who he competed with internationally in Schutzhund and IPO/IGP dog sport.

Our Team

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